The moment…

The moment…

Just another night in my ordinary life. The cold, dark night of the city, walking in the empty street alone like I used to and like. Nothing unusual in that killing silence. Alone, and what would that make noise more than the sound of my stepping feet in the snow on ground.

It was nothing suspicious, it was very quiet, cold and dark night of that dark winter, when I was deeply thinking of the life; what I’m going to do tomorrow? What about some fun here and there?! It’s nothing but just one night, and that can be forgivable! A tough jam on brakes from a black car beside me, it was one part of a second when then whole noise broke the deadly silence, a bullet in the head sent me to my destiny! I’m not ready yet, why me? I did nothing! All those thoughts went through while the bullet was getting through my skull, it was just one millisecond, that was the time needed to see my whole life in-front of my eyes. I’m dead! I have a family! It’s not the time to care about the family! I saw all what I’ve done in my entire life, good and evil things where in-front of sight. What to do now? Noway to get back, no chance to reverse! Finally the long millisecond ended, and that’s when I saw a door opening to the unknown, the scary moment everyone will face, everybody without exceptions. The test started, and soon I knew my fate. No, no! I don’t want that way, please let go me! But there’s noway to get away! They’re tall, strong and ugly. They’re stronger than anyone I saw in my nasty, short life. I didn’t what happened to my earthy body, what happened to it? Who cares?! It’s not about the body, but that was too late! Too late, I’m done now, nothing will return me back to do anything good. No, wait! Something… I feel something… I’m not dead… I’M NOT DEAD!!! I screamed as loud as I could, I was laying on my warm bed! It was a nightmare! A nightmare that I should never forget, because tomorrow it’ll become reality, but… did I take the warrant? The answer is up to everyone of us, so think…

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